Best CBD Dog Treats Review – CBD Oil for Pets

Best CBD Dog Treats Review – CBD Oil for Pets

CBD is becoming increasingly more popular in today’s age. Many people use CBD for health-related issues, but what is it really? What does CBD do? Is CBD healthy for dogs?  What are CBD dog treats and what should I look for?

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol; which is a compound found in cannabis plants. The compound cannabidiol is one of 113 found in Cannabis Sativa plants. Products from the hemp cannabis family are legal whereas the cannabis plant member marijuana is still a huge debate in some states for legal usage.

The difference between the two members of the cannabis family is the genetic makeup, usage, and the cultivation. The biggest difference is that pet owners should know is that the levels of THC of the CBD made from the marijuana plant can be very toxic to dogs.  Hemp CBD is not marijuana CBD.


What does CBD do?

Being that CBD is all natural and is a non- toxic way to help many health-related issues. Once the CBD is taken from the hemp plant it is used in many ways such as helping humans and pets with pains and anxiety. CBD helps with reducing neuropathy pains, easing inflammation associated with oxidative stress, inflammation from pancreatitis, and pain from inflammation. Hemp CBD also helps fight cancer by stopping cancer cells from growing.

Can you give CBD to a dog?

You can give a dog Hemp CBD as it only has .3% THC as compared to marijuana CBD with 20% THC. CBD can help your dog with pains and inflammation as well as with tumors and seizures. There are CBD oils for dogs as well as CBD dog treats. Dog treats with CBD can help dogs recovering from surgeries, prevent pains, help with digestive and nausea issues, dry skin, reduce shedding and help with allergies.

How to know what to look for when buying CBD dog treats

When you are buying your CBD dog treats from Simply Pets you should make sure that they are all natural and lab tested. Manufacturers should provide a certificate stating the CBD product has been analyzed and tested.  This certificate shows that the CBD is in the product enough that it will help your dog with the issues rather than having very little trace amounts and other chemicals. If it isn’t certified can you really trust that it has anything stated on the label?

Source: Wake Up World


CBD dog treats are safe for dogs and help dogs just as much as CBD helps humans. CBD is legal and helps with many ailments. When buying CBD dog treats you should always check the ingredients to make sure they are all natural without GMO’s and soy free. All CBD products you buy for dogs or humans should be certified and lab tested.

Being lab tested and approve will give a manufacturer the certificate to prove their product does work and that your pet will benefit from having CBD dog treats.  Always read your labels to ensure you know what your dog is getting.

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