How to get a Florida MMJ License

Thinking about getting a Medical Marijuana License?

Call today or reply to this posting to schedule an information session. Let’s see if I can assist you in obtaining your Medical Marijuana license. Call (941) 315-6975 or email

Medical marijuana became broadly legal in Florida almost a little over a year ago, after an overwhelming number of Floridians, about 71 percent, approved a constitutional amendment legalizing full THC Medical Marijuana usage. Medical marijuana is available in Florida but remains illegal under federal law.

Many people who are affected by chronic illnesses and others living with daily debilitating stress, anxiety, and depression can often qualify for and get great relief from Medical Marijuana.

The first step in registering for Medical Marijuana is having a “Qualifying Condition”.

Many people who would benefit greatly from Medical Marijuana do not even consider it because they don’t think they have a qualifying condition.

This is where my services can help. For the past 2 years, I have been involved in counseling, educating, and assisting individuals in obtaining their Medical Marijuana license.

Because of my knowledge of Florida Medical Marijuana Laws, knowledge of the qualifying conditions, and more importantly, knowledge of the “better” Medical Marijuana Physicians that can qualify you for an “approved” medical conditions, I can help you navigate through the Medical Marijauan registration process.

I work in the Medical Marijuana field, I know the ins and outs of the system, and I know the importance of confidentiality and privacy.

I offer educational sessions where I help with the following:

  • Learn what medical conditions will “Qualify” you for your MMJ License.
  • Find which local Medical Marijuana Physicians are “best” for your condition(s).
  • How Medical Marijuana will help you with your condition.
  • What types of Medical Marijuana are available and best for your condition.
  • How Florida MMJ laws affect those with a Medical Marijuana license.
  • I hand walk all qualified individuals through the MMJ Registration process in order to get the help they need a quick as possible.

For those that have special needs, I can even help make an appointment and arrange for transportation.

I can assure you with peace of mind in knowing you are headed in the right direction with the right information for getting your Medical Marijuana license.

Call today or reply to this posting to schedule an information session. Let’s see if I can assist you in obtaining your Medical Marijuana license. (941) 315-6975.


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